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Auredia: Empowering the People Who Power Machines™

Auredia is an OAE (Overall Asset Efficiency) platform is designed with the big picture in mind. Our small startup built more than a software that saves businesses money - we built an entire marketplace for connecting the entire supply chain in the circular economy with a connection from manufacturers to the farmers including resources, assets, gig-based work opportunities and blockchain-secure state-of-the-art interactions.


Our team is made of makers and manufacturing enthusiasts who believe in the power of empowering business with data. We love what we do and want to help share our product with people who are passionate about scaling their business. By enhancing the mindsets of people who are interested in leveraging AI and ML for the benefit of those critical makers and farmers our platform ensures a competitive edge, while the individual is empowered to own and fully comprehend the potentiality of their data. Let's help you scale with ease.

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