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What is Auredia?

What is Auredia?

Auredia is an OAE (Overall Asset Efficiency) platform is designed with the big picture in mind. Our small startup built more than a software that saves businesses money - we built an entire marketplace for connecting the entire supply chain in the circular economy with a connection from manufacturers to the farmers including resources, assets, gig-based work opportunities and blockchain-secure state-of-the-art interactions.

Our team is made of makers and manufacturing enthusiasts who believe in the power of empowering business with data. We love what we do and want to help share our product with people who are passionate about scaling their business. By enhancing the mindsets of people who are interested in leveraging AI and ML for the benefit of those critical makers and farmers our platform ensures a competitive edge, while the individual is empowered to own and fully comprehend the potentiality of their data. Let's help you scale with ease.

What does Auredia mean?

An elemental graphic that says AU for Augmenting
Augmenting Human Performance

Au - Augmenting

Augmenting human performance is a guiding principle for our vision. Auredia focuses on people first. Our technology was designed with purpose. Guided by exposure and research, Auredia was honed alongside our talented workforce in advanced global manufacturing facilities. Our AI/ML solutions work because people guide the data and information access that make our technology possible. Additionally, our ML validates our data alongside real-time metrics. Fully accessible and currently translated into English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Vietnamese with plug and play capabilities, our technology is simple to use and understand, yet powered with the latest AI/ML technology in manufacturing. Augmenting human performance allows Auredia to quickly access, communicate and validate data for more efficient operations, all powered by your talented workforce.

An elemental image that says "RED" for reducing manufacturing costs
Reducing Manufacturing Costs

Red - Reducing

Reducing manufacturing costs is a guiding principle for our vision. Auredia is a home-grown OAE platform that saves companies and individuals on their manufacturing and operating costs. By utilizing AI and ML we collect data and give access to the details of your business. Our technology was designed with purpose from exposure and research in global manufacturing facilities. Our OAE software is utilized in 50+ global facilities with both internal and external brands. Our technology creates use-case for upgrades, labor needs, and supply-chain support. Avoid losing valuable resources on lost opportunity costs by knowing exactly what your machines are doing. Communicate better with your workforce and meet their needs with direct responses in real-time. Reduce your manufacturing costs, improve your operations and minimize downtime with Auredia.

IA - Intelligence Augmentation

Intelligence Augmentation (IA) is a guiding principle for our vision and the absolute opposite concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A word play on AI, our focus has always been on the Human Intelligence (HI). Man powers machine. We know that with the right mindset and tools, empowering the people who run facilities can make machines run better. We leverage HMIs and ML to validate data driven information from your workforce. We leverage this data to help augment the intelligence of the workforce. We create use cases for facility needs ranging from CAPEX to OPEX.

Empowering the People Who Power Machines

We believe that people are central to all good work. In manufacturing we recognize the industrious and skilled workforce on our shop floors. Auredia was designed to function as a "voice" for our operators, making real-time data and volumes of it, easy to understand, share and improve upon. Facility operators are trained on how to utilize our HMIs (human machine interface) for easy data collection, allowing them to work more efficiently with less disruptions and downtime in work cycles. By augmenting our workforce with this platform we are able to make use cases for facility upgrades, repairs and supply chain interruptions and ultimately more profitable business operations.

Let's Make It Here

Our tagline, "Let's Make It Here " says a lot about us. We understand our responsibility to share the upskilling and methodology we have created. Once only available to industrial giants, our AI and ML platform is fully integrated into the market for small and mid-size businesses as well. "Here" means a lot of things to businesses. It can mean that production is local and home-grown, or it is global and out-sourced. Nonetheless, we have designed a product for global brands, that helps impart the importance of your "Here" and how to get there.


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