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Auredia Learners

Auredia is a people-focused AI/ML startup.

We leverage AI and ML to help upskill people, create access to jobs and opportunities and improve our communities.

Our Auredia Learners platform aims to connect people who are "learners". Learners can be anyone, not limited to educators and students. Subject matter expertise can be cultivated through experience in learning environments outside of classrooms. For example, within the manufacturing industry, many talented machinists worked alongside a mentor or leadman who shared legacy knowledge. We realize and recognize the value of lived experiences. We see this as a value-add and a benefit for our workforce. This is why the Auredia Learners platform exists. Within this platform we extend invitations to our community, through partnerships with educational institutions, trade-programs and learning ecosystems to raise awareness around the opportunities that exist within Auredia.

How do I experience Auredia Learners?

Our partnership with Houston Community College's Advanced Manufacturing Program and University of Houston HPE Data Science Institute, in addition to our ongoing work within student led organizations has allowed us to extend our reach. To learn more, schedule a visit to the Stafford Center of Excellence and you can see how Auredia works within advanced manufacturing.

We continue to be involved in educational and trade organizations. As we meet more individuals looking for upskilling and workforce opportunities we encourage them to join our network. Within the network we have reference materials that contribute to upskilling and opportunities, not limited to internships, apprenticeships and skills-development programs.

Are you an Auredia Learner ready to take the next step? Fill out our Auredia Learners form. This skills inquiry form helps us figure out how to best serve you with opportunities in upskilling and workforce opportunities. This is a 2 step form. You will need a mentor or individual you have worked with to fill the form out. Our form includes self-assessment on typical soft skills applicable for workforce development.


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