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OGGN: IBM Energy Workforce of Tomorrow Podcast featuring the Auredia Team

Auredia portal in use and team member giving a demo to a manufacturing student. Energy Workforce of Tomorrow in collaboration with IBM.

In this episode our hosts Jerry Lewis and Brian Woodward do an introductory interview with the leadership team of Auredia before spending time with 4 female Auredia team members including an Intern, a business Analyst, a data scientist, and “Jill of all trades.” We hear about Auredia’s unique approach to staffing – which is much more about finding people ‘who care’ and ‘who look out for each other’ than it is about any particular skill set.  We hear how a past welder fits into the core team and how a forensic anthropologist by education finds ways to apply her natural curiosity and habits of learning to her job in this exciting company. The stories these women offer are inspirational, funny, and thought provoking. Workforce of tomorrow podcast


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