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Auredia Makers Partners Meet

Auredia Makers Partners receive the support and benefit of our Workforce Development Program. Supported by Department of Labor, Capital IDEA Houston and Houston Community College, we are focusing on stimulating conversations and relationships that promote workforce development. Our focus is on Apprenticeships and Internships with focused intention on Advanced Manufacturing Industry.

Our work has aligned with supporting advocacy from thought leadership across industry sectors and continues to develop. Auredia is committed to the advancement of workforce development with intentional focus on Empowering the People Who Power Machines™.

Our program vision began in 2022 after attending an industry event with Urban Manufacturing Alliance at Houston Community Colleges Hayes Institute. Since then we have established roots within the community college and trades ecosystems, with the goal of expanding this program out to our internal and external clients.

A collage of photos showing groups of people gathered together in a classroom and machine shop setting.

We actively participate in events to promote and engage prospective workers in advanced manufacturing.

Attending conferences, presenting and sharing our stories with individuals is central to our workforce development. Cultivating awareness around the opportunities in advanced manufacturing as well as engaging in discussion with thought leaders from both the educational and trade schools as well as the industry leaders has helped us create this program.

We see the drive, resilience and sparkling talent within these community college and trade ecosystems as a relevant solution for the pressing needs of the advanced manufacturing industry. We encourage you to fill out the intake form to learn more!

Join us for our upcoming event June 14th with our partners at the Auredia Headquarters.

Stay tuned for more events and opportunities for #AurediaMakersPartners

Flyer detailing the Auredia Makers Partners event, taking place June 14th @ 11am with Auredia's partners.


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